Just a Motel Stay Away from Your New Home

There is a point when you are getting ready to buy your next home when you need to savor the moment.  You have already gotten through the hassles and strains included in getting your mortgage loan approved, despite the problems you may have anticipated due to prior poor credit history.  The next few days and months will be saturated with activities, setting up, furnishing, decorating, holding gatherings and meeting neighbors.  And unless you have no feeling at all you will probably be so excited that you won’t be able to really sleep well. , So now may be the best time to take your family to stay at a quality Motel 6 for a night or more.  This way they can enjoy some time relaxing together, and you can discuss the plans and ideas everyone has for the parts of the house they have staked out as their own.

 You can relieve yourself from some of that stress by staying at a Motel 6 where you can take advantage of a Groupon promo code to get a good discount rate on a reservation for a room the night preceding the big move.  Take advantage of Motel 6’s quality services and facilities that will place you close enough to the action  to handle any last minutes adjustments the movers may have or to tap into WIFI to communicate with the guys at work.  Rather than tossing and turning amongst a pile of clutter you can discuss your plans over a family meal, or sit out by the pool and wind down.  The lounge would be a good place to discuss the color scheme you want, what would be the best location for the computer workspace, and who will be responsible for the yard maintenance.  And list the things you all feel are most important to look for when considering new furniture and appliances could be decided through rock-paper-scissors.  Use your Groupon coupon to get a discount of 20% for your Motel 6 room; set that savings aside for your first purchase for your new home. 

 By staying overnight in a neutral location, you and our family will walk into your new home for the first time feeling as if you truly are making a fresh start.  It will be something you can all enjoy and remember with fondness years later when you think back to your first days in your new home.


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